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Heart braid tutorial

Heart braid tutorial

Heart braid tutorial

Heart braid tutorial

Heart braid tutorial

Follow my easy tutorial to create this gorgeous heart braid for yourself; I just love this look and it’s perfect for festival season.

What you will need:

♥ Two thin hair bands

♥ Styling comb

♥ Hair brush

♥ Hair spray

♥ Bobby pins

Step 1:

Take your hair brush and brush through all of your hair to ensure all knots and tangles are kept at bay! If you are adding your hair extensions for length and thickness, then pop them in now.

Step 2:

Using your styling comb, start creating a centre parting; starting from the front of your head, continue this parting to the nape of you neck.

Step 3:

Tie one half of your hair back with a thin hair band to keep it out of the way whilst styling begins on the other section of hair.

Step 4:

Next, back to the styling comb, which you will need to create the starting off point of your heart braid. Around half way up your head, where your parting is, begin to create a small V shape, taking the line away from the parting.

Step 5:

Split this small V section into three equal pieces and begin to create a three strand braid going towards the front of your head.

Step 6:

You will be adding sections of hair from the top of the hair nearest to the parting, you will NOT be adding sections from the bottom of your hair.  When you are braiding, miss out adding sections from the bottom of your hair and only add sections from the top of your hair.

Step 7:

Once you have braided towards the front of your hair around 3 times, you need to start curving the braid around and away from your head softly by simply using your hands.

Step 8:

Continue adding sections into the braid until you have reached the top of your ear. Then braid the hair right down to the ends or half way and secure with a thin hair band.

Step 9:

Repeat the above steps on the opposite side, mirroring the already braided side as closely as possible to achieve a super cute heart shape for your heart braid.

Step 10:

Once the two sections are braided, take one of the thin hair bands off one of the braids and join up the other braid so both braids meet in the middle.

Step 11:

Secure with a thin hair band, and take out the hair band which is still on the braided side so all of the hair is left down.

Step 12:

Smooth over the bottom of the hair with some hair straightners or for a super cute look, add some soft curls! The choice is yours!

Finally, spritz with hairspray and let everyone fall in LOVE with your hair and your gorgeous heart braid. ♥♥

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