Fluffy Monsterette Makeover


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Fluffy Monsterette Makeover

Hiya, kids! I bet you haven't seen a monster like me before! I'm a fluffy monsterette and I am half vampire and half werewolf. My mother is a fashionista vampire, my dad is a hairy werewolf and I am their gorgeous monster daughter. I'm about to start school soon and I want to make myself beautiful for my first day at school. I want to be the coolest and most fashionable monster girl at the monster school that I am going to, so help me turn my sad face into a happy fashion diva face, girls, giving me a glamorous Fluffy Monsterette Makeover! My face looks monstruous and I can't go to school with spots, wrinkles or messy eyebrows, so I desperately need a facial beauty treatment. Then I need a cute make up, a monstruously fancy hairstyle and a stylish monsterette outfit. Once my fashionista transformation is completed after you have played Fluffy Monsterette Makeover facial beauty game, I am confident all monster dudes at school will ask for my phone number from the first day. Enjoy Fluffy Monsterette Makeover facial beauty game!
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