Heather's Home Manicure

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Waiting for her manicurist to find a free spot for her isn't the funniest activity in the world for Heather, that's why she decided to learn how to make a pro manicure on her own and at home! It wasn't that easy at the beginning but with a lot of practice she got to obtain a flawless manicure. Well girls, today Heather has decided to share the secrets hidden behind her amazing manicure with you and all you have to to is to join her getting the 'Heather's Home Manicure' game started and pay great attention to her instructions. Rummage trough her collection of fancy nail polishes and patterns, elegant nail stickers, lovely nail designs and mind-blowing jewelries and pick the ones you like best of all to create Heather's new manicure. You are free to get inspired and to create an identical manicure for your own nails! Have fun!

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