Modern Hairstyles Game

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Wow, you girls are going to just l-o-v-e this game, especially the ones who dream to become a famous hairstylist! The 'Modern Hairstyles Game' will teach you how to create 6 different hairstyles, how to style up the new haircut in 6 different ways and how to dye it up with 6 different bold colors. No worries, you won't have to experiment on your own hair...for that you have a model girl willing to see which haircut you will choose for her. Get the 'Modern Hairstyles Game', show off your hairstyling skills and create the coolest modern hairstyles for our cutie. There are 6 different hairstyles, and you're going to learn how to make each of them, but first you must unlock them by successfully completing them one at a time. Good luck!

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