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Harajuku dress up

Konnichiwa! Guess where we’re going in today’s girls’ games? Tokyo! Our friend Nohara is taking part in a huge fashion show tonight, and she’s invited us to the capital of Japan to see her in action. We’re sure you’ve seen kimonos and Japanese traditional dress before, but are you familiar with Harajuku girls? If you’re a fashion fan with a love of bright colors and all things cute, you’re gonna love this dress up game! Located right in the center of Tokyo, Harajuku is a world capital of street fashion. Here you’ll see girls dressed up in wacky patterns and crazy costumes, mixing loads of different styles: gothic, cosplay, emo, punk, glam rock... all with lots of pink! Nohara has been a Harajuku girl for a few years now, so she’s collected dozens of cute dresses, tops and skirts to dress up in. Pick out the clothes and accessories you like best in this free fashion game, and make sure this Japanese girl looks super kawaii for the Harajuku fashion show. Have fun!
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