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Long Cardigan Fashion

Just because the rainy Autumn is here and you're trying to stay warm it doesn't mean you can't look cool and fashionable during this season, don't you agree girls? Blazers, suit jackets, trench-coats, denim or leather jackets would be a great choice and they will keep you warm, that's for sure...but lately they have been replaced with long cardigans! Yes girls, the cardigan is the new blazer and the must have item for this rainy season, so how about learning how to properly wear them? The 'Long Cardigan Fashion' dress up game brings up some ideas, so get it started and find out a few super-easy ways to prettify your wardrobe with these uper chic cardigans! For example, if you are more inclined to use the latest trends to emphasize your feminine and flirty allure, make sure you choose a stylish long cardigan to pair it up with a super chic dress, sparkling chandelier earrings and with a bright colored pair of pumps! But if you want to hit the city's crowded streets looking pretty in your bohemian styled outfit, wear your favorite cardigan with jeans and a casual, lovely shirt! A long sleevy cardigan also looks amazing over a sleeveless top and a high waist skirt paired with a pair of tall boots or ballet flat shoes! Well, as you may already know one cardigan can give you numerous options to layer those items that you already have so just pull out the outfit that you want to wear for the day, and match it with a cardigan that suits your style!
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