Lovely Princess


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Lovely Princess

In this lovely game for girls you are invited to style up one of the most dashing princesses living there, so say 'yes' get it started and see what lovely new look so can spot out for her! You can dress princess Elisabet up with a lovely, floor-sweeping red gown or with a stunning yellow and pink one, then you can match the chosen one with an elegant hairdo, with a cute pair of doll-like shoes and with some sparkling jewelries, too! This way you will have her beautifully style up for the upcoming ball at the Prince Charming's castle! Then you can try a new combination and this time you can dress her up with a chic, ruffled shirt matched with a lovely layered miniskirt or with a knee length one and a cute pair of bow adorned shoes! For a complete look, you can load her lovely princess outfit with a glittering jewelries set, a nice princess crown and with a small handbag, too! Have a great time girls while playing the 'Lovely Princess'
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