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Pumpkin Pie

Even all those ghastly looking vampires, spooky ghosts or evil witches could not resist the temptation of having at least one small bite of a delicious Halloween pumpkin pie, right? Then how about learning to cook this yummy yummy Halloween special dessert and surprise all your funny costumed friends and relatives with an irresistible pumpkin flavored treat on Halloween night? Play the pumpkin pie cooking game and learn all about this great recipe! If you really want your pie to look as great as it tastes, then you should keep in mind that details make all the difference. Therefore, how about starting the game, surely one of the most engaging ones from all the food decoration games online, by selecting the loveliest looking plate? Then, it's pie dough selection time! Pick your favorite flavor and therefore, your favorite color , too, then feel free to set your creativity loose and decorate it with sugared, pumpkin cake decorations or maybe bat-shaped, dark chocolate-made decorations, then see what other goodies you could ornate it with. Delicious whipped cream, yummy, differently flavored fruity toppings and, of course, the cherry ontop, a mouth-watering looking little slice of cake that will throne on your pie and be the center of attention. A cute looking white ghost or a yummy spooky bat on its very top and your cake is ready to keep away all the black spirits on Halloween night and make such a delicious reward after that long, tiresome trick or treat adventure of yours. Enjoy playing the pumpkin pie cooking game and learn all the cooking trips that you need for giving your dear ones a huge, tasty surprise on Halloween night!
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