Sophomore style makeover


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Sophomore style makeover

School has started for all students whether we talk about elementary school, high school or college. Sophomore and senior students plan their school welcoming pranks on the junior students, the fresh meat of schools. Sophomore students are happy they are in the second year of study, which means they are no longer the target of the seniors' jokes and ironies. Seniors enjoy their last year of study which offers them the highest popularity at school. Being a sophomore can be quite an awkward stage for any girl. You are not a freshman any more and you are not the queen of campus yet. It is decisions time, decisions that could shape the rest of any girl's college experience. Make the most of your sophomore school year, girls, and become a chic and stylish sophomore girl playing Sophomore Style Makeover make up game! Show your funky and rebellious side with the Sophomore Style Makeover and take the first fashion and make up steps towards being the most popular girl in the campus! If you are not decided on what fashion style you fancy the most, try the sophomore style which is casual chic, comfy, trendy, playful and funky. Start with a sophomore make up, don't be afraid to play with colors, experiment on various make up and hairstyling trends, turn into a funky emo sophomore or into a chic girly girl sophomore, and accessorize your make up with the right top and jewelries. Enjoy Sophomore Style Makeover make up game!
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